who we are

Our Mission

To end homelessness throughout the Southern Region of the United States by increasing the availability of affordable housing through

 » Nonprofit Housing Development     

» Rental and Utility Emergency Financial Assistance

» Homelessness Prevention Programs    

» Advocacy, Education and Technical Assistance

» Resident Services

Affordable Housing And More..To Help Prevent Homelessness

For 20 years, Humanities Foundation has made a significant impact in the communities we serve by developing over 1400 units of affordable housing to help a variety of low income populations, including those with special needs such as the disabled, single mothers and senior citizens.

Beyond serving as a non-profit developer of affordable housing, The Foundation has several community outreach programs in place. Our ShelterNet program provides emergency financial relief that has helped over 22,000 individuals avoid eviction or loss of essential utility services since it was established in 1995.

The Foundation is also a dedicated advocate whose members serve on many local, state and national committees, In addition, we provide educational and health services to our housing residents as well as technical assistance to organizations and government entities in our efforts to further prevent homelessness.

 “We want to engage young people in the issue of homelessness because they are the future of that issue, and they can bring about change.” Tracy Doran, President of Humanities Foundation.